News and Notes for December 0

“The new census is out!!  The new census is out!!”  (With apologies to Steve Martin and “The Jerk”)….

It is the event we only get every ten years  – and the Census Bureau has a great interactive site to review the information:

As for Michigan, the Detroit News provides a good summary of  what the 2010 Census results mean for the state:–Michigan-only-state-to-lose-population

If you are looking for unbiased economic analysis of Midwest markets, an excellent series of articles on the regional economy is provided by Bill Testa at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.  The most recent submission provides a forecast for 2011 and beyond:

Lastly, I’ve been asked to provide a market feasibility report and marketing analysis for the former Sears building in Pontiac.  The client, West Construction Services, is considering a mixed-use adaptive reuse of the structure.  In light of the potential for niche markets and the shifting housing trends within Oakland County, this project should prove quite interesting.

Plans for January’s submissions include a market review of Grand Rapids (including occupancy levels, rental market potential for various segments), interviews of key housing and community development leaders, and more information from the 2010 Census.  Come back, visit often, share your comments, and tell your friends…

Happy Holidays!!!


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